Webinar on Flex Event Creation

Interested in learning about Cvent Flex? Sign up for a webinar taught by Cvent experts on Event Creation with Flex. Remember that Duke Cvent users must use a template to create an event and the Duke Flex templates are currently under development. However, the content in this webinar will still be relevant.

Training sessions are on Mondays at 3:00 PM EST and Wednesday at 10:00 AM EST.

At recorded version is available here.

For other webinars that go into more detail on using Flex, see the full track here.

Cvent to DADD Phase 2.5 Integration – LIVE, October 25th

On Thursday, October 25, we will go live with the next phase of the DADD integration with Cvent. This release includes updates to the current integration as requested by event planners and will include the following changes:

  • If an email to a DADD entity bounces in Cvent due to an invalid email address, the email address will be updated in DADD that night as no longer valid. The contact record in Cvent will be updated with the current preferred email address from DADD.
  • Current employment information in DADD will be added to the Company and Title fields for all entities in Cvent that are part of a DADD contact group.
  • MD Class Year, Fuqua Program, and Fuqua Class Year will be maintained on the contact record for Medical and Fuqua degree holders, in the same way that the Duke Degree and Year fields is maintained.

Planners collecting information from registrants using the Company, Title, Fuqua Program, Fuqua Class Year or MD Class Year fields will need to change how that information is displayed and collected. Otherwise, information gathered from registrants may be lost when the nightly integration process runs to update those fields with the information from DADD.

  • If included as a contact field during registration, change the field display to be Read Only
  • Add registration questions to collect updated employment information and/or degree information from an unrecognized registrant.

Event Calendar

You can now set new calendars to be displayed in Month View (as well as List view), and customize the look and feel using the new Site Designer. With Event Calendar you now have the ability to display your sessions and additional calendar items (important dates, holidays) on a calendar. Want to display only alumni events? Or events only in Durham? You can now create filters based on custom event fields and enable geographic filters that allows searching for events based on location or point-of-interest.